Our first cell as a human being develops in a membrane full of water. There, our feet, arms and nails grow. Our heart beats for the first time. Also, our hair, our stomach grow there, and we have our first hiccup. Embraced by water, we start to feel, and we open up our eyes for the first time. We are usually loved, fed and caressed being there. Why not, then, live there, in water?
Having a dry mouth is an unmistakable sign that our environment is wrong and unsuitable for us. Or this is what we have believed in order to let our imagination fly and create this dramaturgy.
This show is a visual fantasy where through objects, body and, the research of the water element as another actor in the scene, takes place an internal dialogue in someone who asks himself about his origin as species, his environment and his body wishing to be something that has been denied to him.
I’m thirsty, my mouth is dry, I want water, I want to be a fish, I want to be water.