“… This gruesome trio did not disappoint their audience. The comical mimicry of the actors is extremely crazy. Authentic comic theatre”.
“… Before the astonished eyes of the guests, the chef-actors propose a veritable fireworks display of popcorn, and then they decide to simmer Spanish crepes”.
“… The fun is at its peak. The company links it with theatre games and mime. Everything is in a very musical environment. With rhythm from Cuban airs, singing opera, even religious songs, the three artists play with the 70 people gathered for the occasion”.

“… Originality. Inspiration. Old elixirs served in new bottles. Crystal-clear, dramatic composure. Depth. Sculpting, refreshing and compelling harmony. Interpretive chemistry that connects with the spectators from their tumultuous proximity.
“… Decisive, theatrical architecture to convert the stage space into a large restaurant and place the spectators as diners.
“…Lights, stoves, counters, advertisements, pictures, exciting atmosphere and humour in abundance. A disconcerting and explosive gastronomic menu driven by varied, beautiful and sometimes sublime music.
“… A five star vade mecum, where dishes are cooked and served within the sight of the diners, and which should be included in the Michelin guide in its own right.

“… You hear an evocative soundtrack. The words feel very few and far between, but that is how it will be spoken because, as often happens in real life, gestures are worth more than a thousand words… ”

” … One thinks that Antoni Gaudí is very well remembered these days for his architectural work, but he died soon to be one hundred years ago (1926) in one of these Gothic halls of the old Hospital de la Santa Creu, after having been admitted unrecognised following a tram accident, he would have been more than happy with a menu like that of the ‘Copacabana’…”

“… Judging by how the three busy cooks strive, it may give the impression that the gastronomic result is not exactly knife and fork. The point is that, little and good, on this occasion provides excellence, and there are few spectators who can resist tasting every one of the dishes which, with all the will in the world, the three young chefs bring table to table … ”

“…Most of the numbers that are performed between courses recall what would probably be the apple of the eye of the followers of an era of Barraca theatre…”

“…Despite the difficulties faced by the new proposals to convince an audience that does not necessarily have to be young and new but that only has to arouse curiosity to experience new sensations filtered through the theatre, the show ‘Copacabana’ is worthy of gathering together the ninety spectators admitted at each event into the hall of the Library of Catalonia…”

“…Just as they say good things come in small packages, there is also often a good theatre in stage simplicity…”

“… The best thing about this art festival is that it gives you the opportunity to see a great variety of shows and Ponten Pie truly brought something different to the table with its gourmet faux-cabaret… ” “…I was not sure what we were going into when we were escorted to the function room of the centre for the arts and the curtain closed behind us, but what followed was an extravagant and fun show where the audience played a crucial role… ”

“… There were some hilarious antics and great moments, but despite the chaos in the kitchen, the little snack foods we tried were surprisingly delicious… ” “… Natalia Méndez, Emilie De Lemos and Sergi Ots were fantastic, providing wonderful facial expressions and physical comedy. Each one had their moments to shine, but they also worked fantastically well together, creating a weird and wonderful show that never faltered for a second… ”

“…Virtuosity on a plate…”
“…At Burghof an environment for spectators like the one that the company Ponten Pie set up on the stage had never been prepared before…”
“…Food is just one of the ingredients of a” visit to a restaurant” in the afternoon, where theatre and reality combine. It is really the spirit that is fed through the bizarre, charming, funny and lascivious acts. The three actors use the furniture as scenery or props and change their genders for their skits. Whether shadow theatre, finger puppets or regular puppets, what the Spaniards serve are, without exception, very delicious delicacies. 360 degrees to enjoy. You rub your eyes at the wonderful things that happen around you and you delve into a surreal world where spring onions dance the cancan topped with feather boas or a singing diva shaves their hairy leg…”
“… As much as some will be personally drawn towards magic or illusions, such as, for example, when a woman seduces you with sweetness by some suggestive clicks of her tongue and a mountain of chocolate and cream, or a sensual ballerina with a skirt screen approaches you. The illusion is maintained until the end. It was our pleasure to have had some wine at the Copacabana, to avoid having to return to reality quite so soon…”