COPACABANA is a combination of visual theatre and theatre with objects, live cooking and cabaret, in an unusual set up.
Ponten Pie transforms a theatre into a restaurant where there has not been much business for a while. The staff (three chefs: Rita, Laura and Marco) is trying to keep the place alive with the few resources they have left. The audience, an essential character in the show, will become the customers of the COPACABANA restaurant and will be immersed in a 360 degree performance, where they can taste small quantities of the delicious food cooked live by the three chefs. The spectator will be part of a world where reality and drama are constantly mixing. A complete and unique experience in an especially unusual set up.
Behind the kitchen of COPACABANA we find three cooks, descendents of a well-known chef at the Bimil circus, closed not long ago. When the circus closed, our three cooks decided to return to Europe with little resources and open a restaurant in an old building on the outskirts of the city, hoping to make their fortune.
Months have passed and no one has eaten at the COPACABANA. One night, out of the blue a group of seventy people enter the restaurant. Despite not having enough food or tables for everyone, the three cooks decide to serve a meal to their customers. The urgency of the situation will bring them back into the universe of the old Bimil circus, completely changing the course of the evening.
There is a table for you behind the curtains. Would you like to have dinner?
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to… COPACABANA

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An adaptation of the Copacabana show for children. A dining and theatrical experience to share with the whole family.